This is Sam Liu’s code journal. I’ve blogged elsewhere since 2003 but started over and decided it makes sense for all my programming posts to be in one place. I’d like someday to be as prolific as some of my favorite bloggers (Julia Evans, Dan Luu, Evan Miller). I noticed and love that Julia just writes everything she learns, especially if she’s new to something, and I’ll aim to do the same. In the past logging even “mundane” things has served as a handy personal reference – instead of googling for the answer to a question I’ve seen before, I’ll grep my blog because I know I saved it somewhere here!


Currently a Software Engineer at Waymo on the Scene Understanding team. I work on ML infrastructure during the day but in the evening I love tinkering with everything from beat-detection algos to charting libraries. I like my job because I get to work with people who are good at many things. But I don’t like my job sometimes because I can’t publicly share some of the things I learn.

I started an internal blog within Google and started posting things I learned there. But I wanted to keep up with things I don’t get to work on at work as well, so that’s what this blog mostly contains: my extracurricular explorations.

Hobbies outside of software include writing, running, and working on art projects with my partner in crime.

You can see my life timeline here!