I visited Taiwan with my partner for the holidays and came home jetlagged. I’m sitting on the couch in our dark living room at three in the morning, woken from sleeping early.

With the overheads off I see blinking blue lights: the modem and router communicating notifications and heartbeats from our wifi-connected phones. Or that’s what I assume. It’d be interesting to know what signals my devices are sending in my sleep, maybe I should know.

There’s a constant green light from our GermGuardian air purifier, and white noise indicating that the air I’m breathing is being cleaned. There should be a blue light from it as well but the UV bulb burned out a month ago and the replacement is expensive. In my head I know that UV kills some germs but since it’s just light it never feels like it’s doing that much anyway.

My Nord Stage piano has a few constant indicator lights that shouldn’t be on – it’s wasteful to have the piano on when I’m not playing but I always forget to turn it off and also I like the green and red dots in the dark. PG&E gets a bit of money from me every month for this small pleasure.

A small white LED: one of those anti-mouse devices that supposedly emits a high-frequency noise to drive rodents crazy but for all I know serves as my night light. I’ve never seen a mouse here and can’t perceive the noise. It’s broken for all I know. Charging indicators from our Sonicare toothbrushes, Dyson floor vacuum, Apple Macbook. Do LEDs burnout?