I spent the last four weeks working on a volunteer effort through GooglersGive, Google’s internal charity organization. I’m not sure how much I can talk about publicly at this time but I certainly was out of office and tomorrow is my first day back after a month. It’s nice because this is the beginning of Q4 for me as well, so I get to jump into the thick of things and think about what I want to accomplish this quarter.

The past month was awesome because I didn’t have a long commute – I was working from San Francisco and travel was all of 20 minutes total: BART + a short stroll each morning.

I realized again how much time I was throwing away by living in the city and commuting down. I decided this had to change, and was thinking about transferring to a team in the city. However this month my partner decided to leave Salesforce and will be joining Facebook next week, so now we’re looking for housing on the Peninsula. I’m a little sad to be living farther from my closest friends (some in the mission and a bunch in Noe Valley) but am very excited at the prospect of having more time in my life to exercise, learn, and spend time with friends (vs driving in a car).

Things I want to finish by the end of the year:

  • Write something non-trivial in Rust!
  • Get more used to the react ecosystem >.<

I was working on that art project with Shannon for a while but life got busy and it hit the backburner. I think it will be nice to revisit it and continue my explorations of react & modern js.